Organising and De-Cluttering

Organising and De-Cluttering
Organising and De-Cluttering

Organising and De-Cluttering

The most common rooms that I get asked to sort out, organise and declutter are:

My main goal is…  to make you feel calm when entering any room in your home, and to make everyday functions like getting dressed, making dinner and doing the housework feel effortless by creating an organised system.

My expertise will…  keep us focused on why we are doing this and what is the desired end result through a free one hour consultation where we will then be able to decide on the best package to suit you.

Following Bereavement

The loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult and at times life changing. Clearing a home can be emotionally taxing for family members and friends.

I can, emphatically and sensitively, help you to sort through and organise your loved ones belongings and their home in the event of their passing. This can be done by myself after a consultation with you, alongside you or via video call if you live a distance from the property.

This service includes:

  • The packing of items, belongings and possessions in a efficient and respectful manner
  • A standard or deep clean of the property
  • Arrange donation of items at the request of the client
  • Arrange rubbish removal
  • Collection of valuable and/ or personal items (items required to go through the postal system will be tracked and traced – at the cost of the client)

Home Staging and Redesigning

First impressions can make or break a house sale. Life After Clutter can declutter, stage or redesign your home with beautiful textiles, or home decor ensuring everything looks ready for that full asking price!

Moving Home

Moving home is listed as one of the top most stressful things a person can do in their lifetime, some people doing it multiple times. I can help you declutter your home prior to moving day, help you pack up each room in an orderly and easy to understand coded system, so when you enter your new home you will have the ease of knowing where everything should go, leaving the clutter behind.


Bronze                        6 hours at £192

Silver                          12 hours at £372

Gold                           24 hours at £720

Standard – Hourly Rate at £35

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